Enrolment Process

Continuous enrolments are offered. You need to contact the office and complete the enrolment form.

Prospective students who meet the entry requirements will be contacted by post outlining the enrolment details and starting dates. Unsuccessful applicants will be offered counselling to assist them achieve their goal.

Confirmation of your acceptance into the course will be on receipt of the deposit.

Field Placement

National Police Clearance
All students must obtain a National Police Clearance prior to commencement of field experience. The cost of this is the responsibility of the student. Applications can be made at any police station. The national police clearance demonstrates you are suitable to undertake placement with no convictions of abuse or theft or larceny to successfully complete the course. Placement with other convictions is at the discretion of the aged care facility to allow placement.

If due to extenuating circumstances the student is unable to attend any of the days of placement they must notify the facility and SMP, the placement coordinator will assist the student to catch up on any missed days and assessment.

The placement facilitator will visit you within the third week of placement to support you during the field placement / work experience.

If you are found not yet competent NYC on the first placement counselling and another assessment will be offered and second placement organised. If you are found on the second attempt NYC you will have to pay $165.00 and redo the field placement.


Placements cannot be completed while pregnant, unless a doctor's medical certificate is issued giving clearance to commence placement. This must be presented to administration to be copied, and understand that placement is at student’s own risk. The aged care facility has the right to refuse to take any student who is pregnant.

Privacy and confidentiality

SMP's policies and procedures abide by the Australian Privacy Principles 2014, pertaining to the collection and use of personal information. All information that is collected is securely stored. No information will be given to a third party.