Can you explain the process?

Once we have received your up-to-date resume or online application we will contact you to organise an interview time. At your interview we will discuss your experience and skills, the type of work you are interested in, preferred hours of employment and we sight all listed qualifications, first aid certificates and police clearances.

For community-based carers, we also take the opportunity to look at the areas you are able to service so we can minimise your traveling time between clients.

Once we are able to gather this key data we construct your unique candidate profile that we use as a tool to advocate your merits to the industry. This (again) is done only with your express permission and consent (please see our privacy statement) through regular communications with aged care providers and as vacancies arise through our large network of clients.

The interview process allows us to better define the work you are able and willing to perform, which in turn enables us to better match you with potential employers.

Once registered, you receive an "active status" and that's when the work really starts for us. We are committed to proactively advocating your merits to potential employers and it is likely you will hear from us very regularly.

You are the key to our success, so it is in our interest to promote your experience and skills to the industry.