Recruitment Simplicity

The key to our success is our ability to attract the best and brightest the industry has to offer. The key to your success is simplification of the recruitment process. We like to call it recruitment simplicity.


  • Phone us to discuss your needs or make an appointment or
  • Email / fax us a current job description for a position you are currently trying to fill
  • Submit an online request for staff.

Once we are able to clearly ascertain your needs, SMP can provide you with profiles of registered candidates that match you criteria (e.g. casual, evening shifts in the South). When you are satisfied that we have provided you with the experience and skill sets you require, we start to organise candidate introductions.

Pending a successful introduction, SMP will extend offers of employment to successful candidates (you may wish to do this yourself) and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Congratulations, you have new staff!


If you would prefer to conduct your own recruitment drive and require just a little assistance with pre-employment tasks, then please contact SMP to discuss how we can offer a Co-operative Service Package that can minimise the impact, time and cost of recruiting on your organisation.